About Membership


Green Olive membership provides an opportunity to join a global community of conscience and take part in activities advancing democracy and human rights.

Members gain access to information, tools, and resources to deepen their knowledge and enhance their capacity to make change in Palestine and Israel.

What do you gain?


  • Members Briefings: Join exclusive briefings focusing on topical human rights events each month.
  • Members Newsletter: Stay updated on key developments and opportunities with our political digest.
  • Members Directory: Browse a directory of members and connect around shared interests. 


  • Virtual Library: View our curated gallery of materials that illuminate the politics of Israel and Palestine.
  • Publications: Equip yourself with critical knowledge of the region and its development.
  • Speakers: Invite one of our expert speakers to join your next community event.


Your membership will allow us to grow as an advocacy center committed to a future beyond apartheid, partition, and occupation. It will directly support monthly solidarity visits to communities facing displacement in Area C. It will allow us to develop new tour guiding initiatives highlighting the lived reality of Palestinians. And it will allow us to sustain global campaigns encouraging people around the world to take action.

Defend Equality. Become A Member.