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A growing list of publications that illuminate the history and politics of Israel and Palestine.

A Brief Framing of the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Download our free booklet and equip yourself with foundational knowledge in the history and politics of the region. This primer outlines the major political movements and events that lead to the current reality in Israel and Palestine, including:

  • Zionism
  • Palestinian Nationalism
  • The Ottoman Era
  • The British Mandate
  • 1948
  • The Six Day War
  • The Oslo Years
  • Second Intifada and Beyond

It's just 15 pages and includes a comprehensive overview of the development of Israel and Palestine in the past 150 years.

Feel free to forward the link to others who may be interested in gaining a comprehensive basis in the history of the region and its political landscape.

Download The Booklet Here.

Since 1984 the Educational Bookshop in Jerusalem has functioned as one of the premiere cultural, political, and literary centers of Palestinian life. The bookshop presents a wide variety of Palestinian scholarly titles and frequently hosts workshops, lectures, and educational events.

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