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Briefings take place on the second Sunday of each month and all members are welcome. If you would like to become a member and join these briefings you can learn more here. Here is a sample of member briefings in 2023 for those interested in seeing the kinds of topics we discuss:

*Sunday, December 17th:
Reflections From Gaza During The Great March of Return
*A conversation with an emergency medic who lived and worked in the Gaza Strip.

*Sunday, July 16th:
What The Raid On Jenin Signals For The Future
*A briefing about the latest military incursion and the "Gazafication" of the West Bank.

Sunday, June 11th:
Marking The 56th Anniversary of the Occupation
*A commemoration of the Naksa with third generation refugee Mustafa Alaraj from Aida Camp.

Sunday, May 14th:
75th Nakba Day Commemoration
*A commemoration of the Nakba with second generation refugee Mohammed Barakat.

Sunday, March 12th:
Settler Impunity in Huwara: Why Did the Military Stand By?

*A discussion about the attack in Huwara and settler impunity as state policy in the West Bank.

Sunday, February 12th:
The Democratic Status of Israel
*A briefing about the judiciary reforms and if Israel has ever been a democratic state.

Sunday, January 8th:
Green Olive Year in Review

*A review of the extraordinary developments of 2022 and their impact on Palestinian human rights.

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