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Yahav Zohar

Senior Partner, Green Olive

Yahav is an expert analyst who guides tours, lectures, writes, and conducts training seminars for other guides.  

  “If you could just understand Jerusalem”, says Yahav, “you would understand the world".

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Mohammad Barakat

Senior Partner, Green Olive

Mohammad lives in East Jerusalem and is an expert on the situation on the ground in the more remote areas of the West Bank.

He maintains strong relationships with villagers and farmers in the Jordan valley and the South Hebron Hills. 

Itamar Shapira

Partner, Green Olive

Born in Israel in 1980, Itamar has been a tour guide since 2008.

He is one of the joint founders of Combatants for Peace, a flamenco guitar player, and is currently working on his M.A in Anthropology in Haifa University.

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Yamen Elabed

Senior Partner, Green Olive

Yamen lives in Bethlehem and offers a singular perspective on regional politics after years in the tourism and culture industries.

He is deeply familiar with the famous graffiti of the city and works with the team of Banksy's Walled Off Hotel coordinating tours. He is a rich source of information about the lived experience of Bethlehem residents and the impacts of occupation.

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Sam Bahour

Writer, Businessman, Activist

Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American based in Ramallah and a relentless advocate for Palestinian freedom. He meets frequently with visiting governmental delegations and private missions from abroad.

Sam is active in Palestinian civil society and serves on numerous boards and committees in the private sector and with nongovernmental organizations. 

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