The No More Anniversaries Campaign!

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This May marked the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. This June marked the 56th anniversary of military rule in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza. We say, "No more anniversaries!"

Join Green Olive's “No More Anniversaries” campaign to play your part in broader efforts to end the occupation. If we all do our part, we won't have to mark such dates in the future. Let’s make the June 2067 calendar look like this:

By signing up, you pledge to participate in at least three of the following action steps:

1. Forward this call to action to at least three peers you know are people of conscience who also want to do their part.

2. Share informational posts we will provide for social media announcing the campaign and raising awareness about Palestinian human rights and the reality of occupation.

3. Write a letter to a public official using this template as a reference and urge them to act in defense of Palestinian human rights.

4. Write an opinion piece calling for an end to occupation to submit to local newspapers or post as personal reflections on your social media during the month of June.

5. Host a salon event this June to inform, educate, and engage your community around Palestinian human rights. We will work with you each step of the way to plan a unique informational event online or in person.

6. Become a member of the Green Olive Collective. Join a sustained learning and advocacy community advancing justice in Israel and Palestine.

Build public awareness and help create a future of equality, dignity, and freedom for all Israelis and Palestinians. Sign up here to join the campaign and say loudly together, “No more anniversaries!"

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